A brand new fantasy football game, with a twist

FANCY yourself as the next Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp? Now’s your chance to showcase your football management skills with a new twist on fantasy football.

Team Fantasy Football’, set up by Earley resident Mark Deacon, brings a fresh take to the popular football game.

The usual format of the game would see managers be given a budget to pick individual players, with points being returned to them based on how their players perform in real life matches. 

However, this new concept of the game sees managers pick Premier League teams rather than individual players to form their starting 11, where points are awarded based on real life results.

Each game week, players will pick 11 out of the 20 teams in the Premier League to form their side. 

“I’ve had the idea for a few years and have just had to find the right company to build it for me,” said Mark.
“I wanted to create something a bit different to conventional fantasy football. You can arrange your team from six different formations.

“We used last year as a test season and had quite a few mates taking part and the scoring system worked well and everything went fine so we got the website built.”

The league gives players the chance to compete against friends, family or against other managers from around the globe to battle out among the season to see who can be crowned as champions. 

The scoring system sees 15 points if a goalkeeper gets a clean sheet, 10 points for a defender and  five points for a midfielder.

However, defenders will lose two for each goal conceded and midfielders will lose one. 

Meanwhile, defenders will pick up two points per goal scored, midfielders four and strikers five. 

Five bonus points will also be awarded for an away win, three points for a home win and one point for a draw. 

“Each week you have a blank sheet and can pick an 11 from the 20 Premier League teams,” Mark continued.

“So for example, you can put Arsenal in goal and have a back four of Chelsea, Everton, Tottenham and Liverpool. You then pick four teams in midfield and two to play up front. Say Man United and Man City.

“The next games week you can move these around. You can drop teams and bring other teams into your formation. 

“There are boosts that players can use at least twice a season, such as super captain which will earn their selected team four times as many points for a gameweek. 

“Everyone will be entered into a master league and also players can set up leagues to battle against their friends in private divisions.”

To sign up and enter your team before the new Premier League season kicks off on Friday night, visit teamfantasyfootball.com

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