A very relaxed Prime Minister praises village’s community spirit as she turns on Twyford’s Christmas lights

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Theresa May turns on the Twyford Christmas lights Sunday, December 2, 2018

LOOKING relaxed and happy, Prime Minister Theresa May mingled with the public, posed for selfies and turned on a village’s Christmas lights.

The Maidenhead MP was visiting Twyford on Sunday, December 2, to help press the button to light up the tree placed in its crossroads.

Hundreds of people came out to greet the PM who had just returned from the G20 summit in Argentina.

Theresa May talks to the crowds in Bell Corner, Twyford

She hugged residents, shook hands with children and even had rabbit ears pulled by people standing behind her when she was posing for pictures.

The happy Prime Minister also gave a short speech where she encouraged her audience to give a round of applause for Chicken Mad, a group of youngsters who won the village’s talent contest earlier this year and performed their unique take on Away In A Manger.

The Prime Minister was happy to pose for pictures with excited youngsters who could scarcely believe that she was here to turn on the Christmas lights

The quartet joined Mrs May and Lady Elizabeth Godsal to push the button that turned the tree lights on.

And Mrs May didn’t just light up the tree, she helped to decorate it too.

Theresa May with her Christmas star

Villagers were given wooden stars on which they could write their festive wishes on.

Mrs May’s said: “I wish for a peaceful and happy Christmas for everyone.”

She used a speech to pay tribute to the village.

“What makes Twyford such a great place is huge community spirit. Everybody gets involved. Everybody plays their part,” she said.

After thanking organisers, so also paid tribute to Lady Elizabeth, the former high sheriff of Wokingham borough, who was also turning on the Christmas lights.

She said: “Over the years, Elizabeth has contributed so much to Twyford and our local community in a whole variety of different ways.

Theresa May with Amy Goodall-Smith who sponsored the charity event in Twyford

“Gordon mentioned earlier that you’d been High Sheriff, but she is also supported and championed so many charities and causes in the village and in the surrounding area.

“And Elizabeth … I’m really, really pleased to have this opportunity to say a huge thank you to you for everything that you have done over the years to contribute to this local community because the community owes you a great deal for your commitment and dedication to Twyford.”

Theresa May with Lady Elizabeth Godsal and Chicken Mad as they turn on the Christmas lights in Twyford

And, again shrugging off the Maybot label, she urged the crowd to give a big cheer for the youngsters who made up the entertainment on the night.

Speaking almost as if she were a DJ bigging up a crowd, she cheered: “I think we ought to have one final round of applause for Chicken Mad.”

Theresa May talks to the public in Twyford

After the light switch on, she stayed to pose for more pictures with delighted villagers while the nearby Binghams Tap Room filled with customers looking for a brew to take home.

The event raised £104.66 for local charity Building For The Future, a parent-led charity providing activities, support and therapy for children with disabilities and/or additional needs.

The event was part of Twyford’s Living Advent Calendar, organised by Twyford Together partnership.

Theresa May spent ages talking to villagers

Later in the week, the calendar will see a four-day Christmas Tree festival, another favourite of Mrs May’s, take place at St Mary’s Church in Station Road. It runs from 10am to 4.30pm from Thursday to Sunday and more than 60 trees are expected to be on display, each one decorated by a local group or organisation.

There will also be musical treats throughout the four days including a concert on Saturday night and carols around the Christmas trees on Sunday from 4.30pm.

Theresa May was relaxed and friendly as she talked to villagers
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