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So here’s a little story of my sister and I, playing at home when we were but ‘wee bairns’ (my mum is Scottish and this means babies).

I expertly helped my sister dodge out of the way of my GI Joe that was doing a karate kick towards her head, by pushing her off my bed and onto the floor with her wrist taking the impact courageously.

Now not wanting to have my parents blame me for her friendly fire injury I appealed to her five-year-old obsession of cuddly toys, thrusting a chewed, smelly old toy Eyeore into her lap. So immediately stopped the quivering lip and red nuclear blotches appearing on her face and my skin was saved.

The toy changed my sisters perspective of the situation, and our perceptions have a huge impact on the way our body works. Myself and the team here at Adapt spent last weekend training to help serve our community better.

One of the subjects we learnt about at the conference was happiness.

The biggest takeaway  we had as a team was that the researchers found that people’s happiness had virtually NOTHING to do with external factors.

Not how much money they earned, not how many friends they had, how big their house was or their social status.

10% of happiness was predicted by external factors.

90% of happiness was predicted by how your brain PERCEIVES the world.

This trend continues in occupational health. 25% of job success is down to IQ , the other 75% to your optimism, your positivity and your ability to see stress as a challenge and not a threat.

As a chiropractor this makes me super excited. Chiropractic adjustments change the how the brain perceives the environment including using the part of your brain that sees stress as a challenge not a threat!

We see plenty of patients who come through our door with a look of ‘I’m being chased by a tiger all the time’ even though there is no threat to be found (striped or otherwise).

You see when our brain experiences trauma (physical or emotional) it seeks out the same stimulus (this is why PTSD is such a complex issue) and it is echoed in the way our body reacts.

So it becomes stuck in a negative feed back loop of threat response (increased stress hormones) and down regulation of our sex drive, digestion, empathy, connection, immune system and ability to heal.

Often accompanied with headaches/migraines, anxiety/long term joint pains/irregular periods/poor sexual performance/low motivation (not an exclusive list).

So be careful of what you expose your brain too and more importantly come in and get checked. If you have a spine, brain and nervous system, you qualify for the offer below.

See you in the clinic

Dr Gareth Wardm Chiropractor

– Initial Assessment
– Digital posture analysis
– Full comprehensive physical neurological
and Spinal exam 
– Digital Xrays (if clinically indicated)
– Report of Findings 

Normally £220 only £60 when you
quote ‘Wokingham Paper’.

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