Arjuna Yoga: Black bee breathing

Following on from last week’s column regarding yogic breathing (pranayama) I want to talk about Bhramari breathing or black bee breathing.

Kat Belton a qualified Yoga teacher and Massage Therapist

This calms the central nervous system is energising and fun to do.

Simply sit however you feel comfortable with your spine straight. Gently purse your lips together and then just hum like a bee for a couple of rounds.

You can place your hands over your ears if you want to hear the intensity of the hum. Nadi Shodhana is another type of yogic breathing practice.

Simply place the third finger of the right hand on the bridge of your nose … then breathe in through both nostrils.

Then breathe in through your right nostril then close it off with your thumb and breathe out through your left.

Breathe in through your left nostril and then close it off with your third or fourth finger and breathe out through the right do 3 or 4 rounds.

This is a very clearing breathing practice and it balances you as well. I look forward to meeting you next time on the mat!

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