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Berkshire’s regional economy is resilient against virus, says TVBLEP

BERKSHIRE’S regional economy has been slightly less impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

This is according to Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

In its latest Skills Priority Statement, it reported that 15.5% of people in Berkshire work in the sectors most affected by lockdown. This is slightly lower than the national average of 16.9%.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has become the greatest challenge of our time,” said Thames Valley Berkshire LEP.

“As we try to recover from this, we understand businesses, educators and communities are understandably anxious.

“We are collaborating now on leading economic recovery in Berkshire and will play our part in securing a national recovery.”

According to the enterprise, Berkshire has a strong regional economy with nearly 50% of employees qualified to degree level or higher.

And the region is well placed for economic recovery with a resilient mix of skills and industries.

To encourage recovery, Thames Valley Berkshire LEP has created an action plan which includes working with education providers to help young people make informed career choices and supporting projects reducing gender gaps in the market.

TVBLEP chief executive Alison Webster said: “Our action plan strategises how to prepare the workforce of tomorrow.

“This will ensure that Berkshire remains resilient in the face of current and forthcoming skills challenges and is well positioned to capitalise on future opportunities.”

Thames Valley Berkshire LEP has also launched the Berkshire Opportunities portal to aid Berkshire residents with finding employment and training.

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