Brighterkind: National Random Acts of Kindness Day.

In these challenging times, it seems that kindness is needed now more than ever. During the past year, our community have been fantastic in coming together and supporting one another. This proves that even in some of the most difficult times, we can all choose to be kind.

After celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day on the 17th of February, our residents at Murdoch House have shared their simple ideas to help inspire some kindness.

Reach out to a friend or neighbour who is alone. Send them some flowers or just give them with a quick call. A small gesture can make a big difference to someone’s day.

Send a heartfelt letter or postcard to a loved one to tell them how much you appreciate them. Surprise the people you live with by baking them some cakes, cookies or even breakfast in bed. They will love the gesture and may even return the kindness someday!

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, don’t forget to be kind to yourself.

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