Call for two new pedestrian crossings for Wokingham town centre

Zebra crossing
Picture: Lorenzo Cafaro from Pixabay

WOKINGHAM residents are calling for two new pedestrian crossings to be installed in the town. 

Cllr Nick Fox, the Labour town councillor for Norreys East, had been due to present a petition to the virtual council meeting, held online on Thursday, November 19. However, he was unable to do so and Cllr Rachel Burgess, Labour borough councillor for Norreys, stepped in. 

In all, 145 people signed the petition calling for a safe crossing point to be installed on Rectory Road close to Waitrose’s entrance. The second would be sited on Wiltshire Road between Crutchley Road and Bishops Drive. 

“There is clearly considerable support for crossings at these two locations,” Cllr Burgess told the chamber. 

She added that residents made the same points “over and over again”. These included fast-moving traffic, and that the roads are being treated by drivers as ring roads or bypasses “with no consideration to pedestrians by drivers”. 

“There have been near misses where residents or someone they know has narrowly escaped an accident,” Cllr Burgess said. 

“We need to be encouraging people to walk as much as possible, people must be free from the worry that their walk will involve a dangerous crossing – we must put pedestrians first.”

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