Car crushed after crash with lorry on A327 in Finchampstead this morning

The blue car was hit on the driver's door. Picture: Gareth Rees

A LORRY crashed into a car this morning in Finchampstead.

The driver of an R Collard lorry was travelling south from Arborfield to Eversley along the A327 Reading Road, when they crashed with a blue car at approximately 9.30am.

The crash happened at approximately 9.30am this morning. Picture: Gareth Rees

The car was pulling out of Park Lane, with the lorry crushing the driver’s car door.

An eyewitness told Wokingham.Today the driver was able to exit the car, and was walking about.

They said ambulance crews were already on site, and police on their way.

There was another crash at that junction on Monday, July 12, and on Friday, May 29, last year.

The latter involved a BT van, which had its door ripped off.

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Stephen Thornhill

Glad there were no serious injuries. Unfortunately residents have been campaigning for years to reduce the speed limit to 30mph so this could have been prevented. This is the third incident at that junction now, I hope it won’t take someone getting seriously hurt or worse before something is done.


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