Has there ever been a year when there has been more change and turmoil in British politics?

As we approach another general election our future seems very uncertain.

One of the major problems that causes great concern is the lack of politicians we can trust. 

Recently, when one invited people to trust him, the response from his audience was sceptical laughter!

In speeches and manifestos we are being promised so much. But, we ask, will any of it actually come about?  Who can we trust?

When his friends were greatly perplexed about their situation and painfully uncertain about the future, Jesus invited them to trust him! 

He went on to make a reassuring promise to them by saying that, although he was going away, he would come back to fetch them so that eventually they could be in his company.

This ‘coming back’ by Jesus is being celebrated by churches at this time of Advent.

We remember the promise Jesus made to return not as a baby in Bethlehem but, as he described himself, “in power and great splendour”, visible for all to see.

Why should we believe this promise?  After all, it hasn’t happened yet! The main reason is that Jesus made other promises all of which have come true. 

Just as we may get ready for an expected visitor at home, we are challenged to be ready for the return of Jesus.

We can do so by committing ourselves him because he declared, “I am the route to life.  Trust me”. 

By Peter Jackman on behalf of Norreys Church for Churches Together in Wokingham

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