CHURCH NOTES: Wokingham churches present online passion play for Good Friday

Good Friday play

“It’s been a year, a whole year!”

We’ve heard that a lot in the last week… and over this year plans have changed, numerous times; we’ve had to do normal things completely abnormally; we’ve coped with restrictions easing and tightening again.

It’s been and continues to be a roller coaster year! 

We’ve all had to think outside the box. Do a new thing, be creative!

For around 11 years now I’ve been involved in putting something creative together for a Wokingham Good Friday Passion Play.

I’ve performed in freezing cold rain and scorching sunshine, I’ve watched the performances anxiously holding onto to scenery so it doesn’t blow away. I’ve seen the performances with children, the elderly and animals.

We’ve used live music, recorded music and performed with failing sound, no sound or screeching sound.

This year I had to do a new thing, be creative and think outside the box – it would have to adhere to Covid restrictions, it couldn’t be performed outside and draw a crowd.

So we made a film, socially distanced and within the Covid rules. I used new skills, I was out of my comfort zone, I made some mistakes – but I loved doing it and having the film means even more people can witness the Wokingham Good Friday Passion Play.

We have all had to learn new skills this year, we’ve all been taken out of our comfort zone, I’m sure we’ve all made mistakes and I’m certain we’ve all suffered to greater or lesser degree.

The story of Good Friday is about suffering, pain, loss and separation – Jesus experienced all that. We also know that the story doesn’t end there; the rest of the story is about a new way, new life and endless hope.

This year has not been easy, but we have adapted, we have got creative, we’ve done a new thing and we can live in hope for even better times to come.

We can live in hope because we are loved by a creator God who wants us to live our best life and however many times we fail or makes mistakes He is there to pick us up and start a new way.

The Good Friday Passion story, told year after year in many different ways is the story of light over-coming darkness and love over-coming hate – maybe do another new thing this year and tune in to watch Wokingham’s Covid safe Good Friday film – “No Exceptions – you are loved” 12 noon

It can be watched by logging on to Wokingham Baptist Church’s website.

Anna Adams is a member of Wokingham Baptist Church, writing on behalf of Churches Together in Wokingham


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