Concerns after Twyford bench goes missing

Twyford London Road
The space where a bench sat on London Road

TWYFORD residents are concerned after a bench went missing last month. The seat, normally located at a bus stop on London Road, disappeared on Wednesday, April 21.

Now, villagers are calling for it to be returned quickly to allow vulnerable and elderly residents to use it when catching the bus or visiting the doctor.

One Twyford resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I think the bench serves the community well and should be replaced.

“Often you see small children or elderly people sitting on it, assumedly waiting for a bus or taking
a break from walking between Ruscombe and Twyford village centre.

“If the council has removed it, this is directly against their commitment to active transport and declaring a climate emergency.”

According to Twyford Parish Council, the bench was provided by a resident years ago.

A spokesperson for Wokingham Borough Council said it was removed last week, following a report that it was damaged.

“As the bench was not a borough council bench, it was not scheduled for maintenance or repair,” the spokesperson said.

“Following the report we sent out a crew to assess it, who found the bench unsafe and so removed it.”

They said the borough council will discuss options to replace the bench with Twyford Parish Council.

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