Cutting down on community cybercrime

A FEW weeks ago, Donald Trump allegedly had his Twitter account hacked. And the people responsible said it was easy as his password was simply maga2020!.

Maybe if the outgoing president of the United States had listened to the advice of Neighbourhood Watch, it wouldn’t have happened.

The group, which works in partnership with communities and police forces, wants people to take three quick and easy steps to cut down on cybercrime.

The group says that one-in- five of us have been victims of online fraud, and many people put off strengthening their passwords because they feel overwhelmed.

The new Protect Your Pa$$w0rd campaign has three simple steps to help people.

It recommends using three random words, such as SheepBulbOnly.

The second piece of advice is to use two-factor authentication – this is where a security code is sent as a text message to your phone.

And the third tip is to create a separate password for your email account.

Easy – and hopefully hard for the criminals wanting access to your internet banking details.

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