Five-year-old Isla leads the way when it comes to being tidy

Isla Nicholson and her sister Rosie are keen to make Arborfield a cleaner place. Picture: Charlotte Nicholson

A FIVE-YEAR-OLD from Arborfield is leading the way with her new litter picking adventure.

Last week, Isla Nicholson set off on her first litter pick after being inspired by a book she read at school.

Armed with a high vis jacket and accompanied by her two-year-old sister Rosie, Isla was determined to keep her local estate clean to help the planet and protect the wildlife.

And it was all done with a little bit of help from Wokingham Borough Council.

“She’s been quite climate conscious over the past year, since the fires in Australia,” Charlotte Nicholson, Isla’s mum explained.

“Every since then, she’s been adamant that when she grows up she’s going to work in a jungle and care for animals.”

About a month ago, Isla returned home from school with a book about keeping the planet green.

“It was all about kids going out into the world and finding a load of rubbish, and it really bothered her,” Charlotte added.

“So she instantly said, ‘You know what, I want to go and do that’.”

Isla’s father, Scott, then reached out to Wokingham Borough Council who helped get the sisters all kitted out for their first community litter pick.

The youngster’s good deed during difficult times has left her parents feeling overjoyed.

“I’m really, really proud of her,” Charlotte continued.

“She always wants to help others and she’s a thoughtful and caring child anyway, but to see that it extends to the environment is lovely to hear.”

The community response to Isla’s gesture was overwhelmingly positive.

“A few of the neighbours saw her and were thanking and congratulating her which she really enjoyed,” Isla’s mum said.

“When I posted the picture on social media too, it got so many likes with people saying how amazing she was.

“I hope it encourages more to think that litter picking isn’t a chore, and children can actually get a sense of achievement and responsibility out of looking after the environment that’s around them.”

Now, the Nicholson family are turning Isla’s litter pick into a weekly event to help keep Arborfield clean.

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