FROM THE CHAMBER: Your council needs you

'Your council needs you' says Cllr Jim Frewin

THE past year has shown how communities can and must work together.

It has highlighted the good and the bad in our politicians and within political parties.

I strongly believe that we have proven that when we really work together things can get done.

Yet even in these very difficult times we have seen those who behave in a purely selfish way. There have been many examples of “Not Being In It All Together”.

Some who obviously think their misplaced self-importance absolves them from any community responsibility.

I’m sure you will all have at least one notable person in mind.

Indeed, we can also recall those businesses who prioritised greed above community.

However, we have also seen many heroic and selfless behaviours, especially from our NHS workers, emergency services, care workers, our schools, support service workers, community volunteers and the many more who have all stood up to the challenges.

Borough councils were called upon to undertake significant levels of activity, not only delivering the complex services but also helping to fight the pandemic on many fronts.

I believe this has resulted in the link between local councils and the community has been redesigned but more importantly re-energised.

If the past year has strengthened your sense of community why not help build on this relationship between the Wokingham Borough Council and the community. Consider standing as an Independent candidate in the upcoming May local elections.

Whether it’s as a concerned resident,a member of a residents’ action group, or as a Parish/Town Councillor, Independent Candidates will certainly send a message to the established political parties that more is expected of them.

The important message is, that you care about the community you live in.

There are too many candidates and elected politicians who are not truly representative of the communities that they should be serving.

Their loyalty is to their political party, ‘ideology before the community’.

This is not right if we are truly going to all be in this together, we need people who prioritise the community over political rhetoric.

Simply, your local council needs you.

To find out more about becoming a Councillor visit: www.gov.uk/government/get-involved/take-part/become-a-councillor or www.local.gov.uk/lga-independent/our-work/be-councillor

Alternatively contact any of the Independent Councillors who will be more than happy to help, guide and support you in standing for election.

Cllr Jim Frewin in an independent councillor, representing Shinfield South at Wokingham Borough Council

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