Graffiti mars Paint Jam artwork on Elms Field

Elms Field graffiti January
Elms Field Graffiti
Elms Field GraffitiElms Field GraffitiElms Field GraffitiElms Field GraffitiElms Field Graffiti

Artwork that brightened up hoardings on a busy Wokingham road has now been joined by ugly graffiti.

The Elms Field Paint Jam, held as part of the Wokingham Festival, saw talented artists such as local lad Pistol, paint intriguing and thought-provoking artworks onto black boardings that section off part of Elms Field.

However, now the artworks – which were painted in August – have been joined by some unsightly graffiti, spoiling the view.

The large artworks surround and dwarf the Paint Jam artworks and feature tags, including SCROUNGE! which adorns one fence that can be seen from Carnival Pool roundabout.

A passer-by, who didn’t want to be named, said: “It’s really ugly and creates a really bad first impression for people coming into Wokingham town centre by train.

“Whoever did this has spoilt the great pictures created for the Festival that has brightened up this part of Wokingham. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

If you spot graffiti and fly posting elsewhere, it can be reported by logging on to this website

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Winston Bernes

What an awful piece of journalism, This is the most miss-informed,Ignorant and blinkered tripe I’ve ever seen in my life

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