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HARRY’S WORLD: Back to the future

Harry Bradley
Harry Bradley

So WE’RE back on it.  School has properly started.  I’m right back into the swing of things and, to be honest, I’m loving it.

My lessons are actually In Real Life, in a classroom as oppose to on screen.

The sixth form common room is as busy as ever, and I’m moving through my A-level courses properly again.

Ah, it’s good to be back.

After so a long in lockdown, it’s strange to see so many people every day, but at the same time be limited to ‘the rule of six’. 

I’m lucky, my classes are small, but the number of people I come into contact with daily is a lot higher than six.

The face coverings and designated classrooms do help ensure that proper guidelines are followed, but it’s a rather large bubble to be contained in.

And then as soon as I leave school, back to the magic number of six.

I count myself very lucky that I’m able to see all my friends every day because the parties and festivals that usually come around at the end of summer have either been cancelled or are slowly coming to an end.  

Just having people and friends around feels good, no matter what the number.

September is filled with so many of my friends turning 18 but smaller garden parties are replacing the huge ‘big bashes’ with a lot fewer people getting together. 

For me, last Sunday was the last big party. 

My friend turned 18 and had a get together. 

Out was the big do and in its place an afternoon tea at Milton’s Restaurant at Cantley House Hotel. 

Not exactly the same thing, right?

Even my Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition this weekend has been restricted to groups of five, with us coming home each night to avoid sleeping in tent. 

But on that, I’m not going to complain about coming home each night to a home-cooked meal, hot shower and my own bed.

It’s a busy month and the beginning of the UCAS application process, with Personal Statements being sent off soon and university offers starting to come through (hopefully). Coursework and revision also needs to be done, so all in all, it’s a busy start back into Year 13. 

There’s a lot of change but I didn’t expect it to be anything other than busy.

And for that I’m grateful. 

I love that I’m inching back towards normal life and moving towards my future. Getting out the house each day is a blessing on its own. 

I’m glad for the new routine. 

 And for me, I’m counting down the days towards my 18th birthday this November. 

I’ve no idea how or where I’ll be able to celebrate but whatever it looks, if there’s one thing this year has taught me, I’ll be sure to make the most of it.

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