Hole opens in Wokingham road; Thames Water looking into it

Elms Road has collapsed following a suspected sewer failure. Picture: Paul KIng

A hole has opened in a Wokingham town centre road days after sewage was spotted in the same location.

The unpleasant find had been reported to Thames Water on Friday, October 2 and contractors Laines For Drains attended to the fault in Elms Road, which runs between Elms Field, on the same day.

The workers cleaned the area up and cleared a blockage which was causing the problem and mended the manhole cover.

However, since the work was completed on Wednesday, October 7, the road surface has collapsed leaving a hole in the road.

A Thames Water spokesperson told The Wokingham Paper that staff had been back to the site to assess the situation by running a CCTV camera down the sewer to carry out a survey. At that time they could not immediately see a problem with the sewer line.

In its report, Laines noted: “There is very heavy flow in the line. There is a blockage that was causing overflow.”

The area has since been fenced off, awaiting repairs Picture: Phil Creighton
The area has since been fenced off, awaiting repairs
Picture: Phil Creighton

The CCTV footage was forwarded to a Thames Water technician who is investigating the cause. However, with the road collapsed, the water company has conducted a health and safety assessment to ensure the road is left in a safe condition.

Since our original photographs were taken on Friday, the area has been fenced off awaiting the remedial works to take place.

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