Crowthorne teens set up car wash

crowthorne car wash
Crew Get It Done

A GROUP of teenagers have set up their sponge and buckets to start their own car wash in Crowthorne.

Danny Aylmer, 13, from Crowthorne, and his three friends Callum Fowler, Joe Lauder and Miley Swift, got the wheels turning on this initiative at the start of the school summer holidays.

And they’re continuing with their car wash on weekends now they’re back at school.

Danny’s father, Matthew Aylmer, is really proud of the boy’s “can do” attitude.

“The boys are over the moon, are working outside, and are learning great lessons along the way,” he said.

“It’s great for them to learn how to work and communicate with adults and how to earn money.

The team started this up as they wanted to buy a second hand car between them to work on.

Next thing they knew, they began to gain a group of happy customers who were praising them for their services.

Since Mr Aylmer posted the boys efforts on the Crowthorne Facebook community group, he received a positive response with over 600 likes.

“They say it takes a village to raise a child, and with all the positive comments and encouragement we now really know what this means,” Mr Aylmer added.

“It feels this kind of support has been so lacking in these covid times and it’s wonderful to see.”

They charge £5 for cleaning outside and £10 for inside and out.

Vans cost £15.

For more information, email crewgetitdone@gmail.com


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