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Lockdown verse: Two readers’ poems to enjoy

Dancing shoes
Picture: Pashi from Pixabay

Let me die dancing

Dear Lord, let me die dancing
Let my feet not touch the floor
Let me go while I’m still living
And not waiting at death’s door

Let me roam through light and stardust
Let me find life’s pot of gold
As I fly beyond the rainbow
All the wonders to behold

Let me drift in dappled sunlight
Embrace Autumn’s crowning glory
Let me fly blue skies with songbirds
And tell life’s wondrous story

Let me ride winds of the jet stream
Hold a moonbeam in my hand
Gaze upon this world of beauty
That Mother Nature planned

Please grant me peace and freedom
And while life is still entrancing
I’ll swim the seas and scale the peaks
Dear Lord, let me die dancing.

Testing time

First day back, I’m here in school
Observing the two metre rule
With distance markings round the blocks
As students sit A Level mocks
When masks hide smiles and eyes are wary
An alien concept some find scary
And as I invigilate each test
All spaced apart they do their best

With teacher care and school support
Exam room calm and no-one fraught
With no dramatics, each one steady
Revision done and all are ready
Instructions read and pens are poised
The room is hushed, no sound, no noise
And in my heart I wish them well
As I squirt the antiseptic gel

Jean Hill

Have you written any lockdown-inspired verse? We’d love to be able to share them with our readers, email

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