More funding to be channelled into Arborfield village

Arborfield Cross Relief Road Wokingham
An artists impression of the new green bridge over the Arborfield Cross Relief Road

THE BOROUGH council will be funding further improvements to roads around Arborfield.

A spokesperson for the parish council said they were delighted that more money will be set aside for improvements to the village centre.

The plan for changes to the road network in Arborfield began 90 years ago, and in the last year the finalised Arborfield Village Improvement Scheme was designed to include a review of road speeds, signage and traffic modelling.

It is part of the Arborfield Relief Road project, which will divert the majority of the traffic from driving through the village centre.

The parish council spokesperson added: “This finalised scheme will ensure Arborfield village will no longer have to suffer the burden of fast moving, pass through and continuous HGV traffic and will, as a result, return Arborfield to a village environment that will be a safer, healthier and more pleasant place to live, go to school, work and spend time.

“It needs to be finalised by a second consultation before the Arborfield Cross Relief Road opens, then being delivered within the following two years.

“So watch out for a consultation document dropping through your door shortly and please don’t waste this opportunity to provide your support for this scheme or have your say.

“The parish council would like to thank all the members of the steering group and other stakeholders who have worked tirelessly over the past year or so to put this together with Wokingham Borough Council and their contractor WSP.”

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