Oh deer! RSCPA to the rescue in Wargrave

STUCK FAST: The deer that the RSPCA helped release on Sunday. Picture: RSPCA

A TEAM of rescuers were called out to Wargave over the weekend, after a deer got stuck after misjudging the gap.

RSPCA animal rescue officer Rachel Edwards was called to Bear Lane on Sunday, after residents spotted a fallow deer stuck between a tree and a concrete fence post.

Ms Edwards said: “I believe the deer may have been running along the fenceline and thought she could squeeze through but misjudged the gap and got stuck fast.

“If she’d been spooked then that would explain how she’d ended up in a pickle. Unfortunately, deer are easily scared and can often bolt and end up in all sorts of predicaments.

“She was wedged very tightly and there was no way I could free her alone so I contacted Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service for assistance and was incredibly grateful when they sent a team to help.”

Ms Edwards covered the deer’s head — a tactic used to help calm them down — and then the fire team took over. 

She added: “Fire and rescue services have teams with specialist training to help in these sorts of rescues and they also have vital equipment that we don’t have. 

“They used hydraulic equipment to push against the post and slightly widen the gap so that we could carefully push the deer free. 

“I checked her over at the scene and, thankfully, she wasn’t injured so we released her and she darted off into the undergrowth. It was a wonderful happy ending.” 

Residents that find a sick, injured or trapped wild animal are advised to keep their distance and contact the RSPCA emergency hotline on 0300 1234 999.

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