Options Bath and Tile Studio: The hub of the family home

Options Bath & Tile Studio

The family bathroom is the ‘hub’ of the home; it is used to its entirety during the busy morning and at the end of the day. The room has to provide functionality and hard-wearing for the many footsteps that pound through the room every day. That’s not to say that the room can’t display some design tastes such as the tiling in this room. They add a wow factor to this room

The functional aspect

The family bathroom has two priorities. On a practical level, if there is space in your room then two basins would work well as there are usually two or more children who need to get to the basin at the same time. Secondly, from an adult perspective, there needs to be some kind of luxury where the room can transform into relaxation at the end of a long day. A bath is essential particularly with a young family with a shower attachment added in the corner of the bath.


Lighting is key in the bathroom; the darker it is the smaller it feels. A bathroom should be bright and open but, not too bright that is dazzling. Move away from a bright light in the middle of the ceiling. Spotlights in the ceiling provide a bright look complemented with lighting around the mirror on the basin which can add a subtle feel to the room.


There needs to be plenty of storage in this room. Shelving in the vanity unit, behind the mirror cabinet and niches set in the wall.

The niche inside the shower room is a clever use of storage for shampoo, shower gel etc. This way your shower essentials are not rattling around in a shower tray. Unlike the en suite the family room is home to the family favourite ‘Calpol’ and other such medicines, bath toys and other potions for the family. Make sure there is a hidden space for that lovely Joe Malone candle that is used for those relaxing evening baths.

If space allows then a shower enclosure will work well for both older children and adults for a quick shower in the morning or, evening.

There are lots of elements to consider in the family bathroom and if this is the only bathroom in the house then the room has to cater for the children and adults separately.

A room to be enjoyed by the whole family.

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