Panda spots snowmen in Earley

Earley Panda
Earley Panda's snowmen

EARLEY Panda was spotted out and about last weekend – and he was certainly giving the polar bears a run for their money.

The familiar, furry friend brought smiles and laughter to local residents as he embarked on a tour of all the local snowmen.

Bike at the ready, Earley Panda kicked off 2021 with a Snowman Tour and even broadcast his journey live on social media.

“People were all so excited to see the snow, and then when Earley Panda came along it was like a double whammy,” the bear says.

“I think snow brings some positivity. Everyone has been hoping since Christmas that we could get some snow, and it inspired me to head out and get on the road.”

Earley Panda decided to set off on a tour to see all the snowmen of Earley, but he made sure to prioritise safety first so he didn’t slip in the icy roads.

“I was lucky I rode a mountain bike which held its ground on the road, and there was no traffic which was really good,” the bear explains. “It was actually quite fun.

“I took a lot of snaps of the snowmen people had created, including visiting people at Laurel Park who had made around 12 different snowmen.”

Earley panda

Earley Panda says there were some “incredible” creations.

Now, residents should prepare to see more of the lovable bear as his Sunday snowman tour marked the official beginning of season 2.0.

“I plan to return regularly now,” the bear says. “The weather is getting nicer, and I think we have ridden the wave of uncertainty with Covid-19.

“Cases are doing down, the positive is coming back, and I think it’s a good start.”

To stay up-to-date with Earley Panda and find out when you can spot him next, visit: www.facebook.com/earleypanda

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