Picnic gathering to mark this year’s Wokingham Pride

wokingham pride event 2021 catsy oxfam picnic in the park
ALLIES: Many are backing Wokingham's Pride event, including Catsy and Oxfom on Peach Street

PLANS are being made for a bigger and better Wokingham Pride following last year’s covid-affected launch event. 

And the community is already rallying around to show its support: among others, street artist Catsy is lending a paw. 

The event on Saturday, July 10, starts with a gathering outside Wokingham Town Hall from 11.30am. 

Then there will be a picnic in Elms Field from noon. Participants are asked to bring their own food and drink to enjoy.  

wokingham pride event 2021 catsy oxfam picnic in the park

It marks a step-up from last year’s event, which was just a gathering around Wokingham town hall and an online gathering due to the country being in the throes of the first round of coronavirus pandemic. 

Rachel Bishop-Firth (Lib Dem), Wokingham Borough Councillor and admin for the Wokingham LGBTQ+ Pride group, is looking forward to this year’s event being bigger and stressed that it was for all to enjoy. 

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“The event is for everyone in the community who wants to show their support for Wokingham Pride and our LGBTQ+ community,” she said.

“Please come along with a picnic or support one of our great local businesses by buying a takeaway in town to bring to Elms Field.”

The plans for this year will allow many participants to meet for the first time. 

“We held a small event last year but it was mostly online, so this year we’re really excited to be holding our first ever face-to-face event to give the community a chance to meet new people and to feel welcomed and supported in the borough.”

She explained they have also received “good support” from churches and schools in the area.

Alongside the event, Wokingham Library will be providing information on charities and support groups and highlighting LGBT+ authors and subjects.

wokingham pride event 2021 catsy oxfam picnic in the park

Cllr Bishop-Firth said that they have made “huge progress” on working towards equality.

She said: “There is still work to be done though, in particular, the transgender community is facing the same kind of attacks that gay men and lesbians faced in the 1980s so we hope that this event will help to build understanding between all parts of our community.”

To volunteer or find out more about the event, visit the Wokingham Pride Facebook group.

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