Plastic Free Home’s encouragement from Attenborough

THE AUTHOR of Wokingham.Today’s Plastic Free Home column has received backing from one of the highest authorities on world climate matters: Sir David Attenborough.

And it’s the second time that the two Davids have corresponded.

In December 2018, inspired by Sir David, David Lamont created Plastic Free Home, initially as an online group. It’s since spread to a regular column in Wokingham.Today, as well as guest spots in local publications and talks for groups such as Women’s Institutes.

Naturally, Mr Lamont is delighted with the support from Sir David.

On starting Plastic Free Home, he said: “While continuing to learn as a family, we wanted to create a space to share and seek ideas on living more sustainably. Something we had already been working towards for some time.

“That year, Sir David had spoken at the UN and appeared many times on television to talk about the issues facing our planet. I wrote to him to thank him for helping to educate and inspire us and so many others.

“I was bowled over to receive a handwritten letter, which is now framed in our kitchen.”

Plastic Free Home has since attracted 30,000 online followers, and a live Q&A session last month welcomed close to 1,500 viewers.

“Nearly two years on, I wanted to write once more to Sir David to update him on our progress and to once again say a massive thank you.

From Extinction: The Facts to A Life on Our Planet, this autumn he has produced some of the most important television ever made,” Mr Lamont said.

“Sir David described the latter as his ‘witness statement’. It is very much a cry for help; a wake-up call that we all need to listen to act upon before it really is too late.”

Less than a week after writing, David was again hugely surprised to receive a second letter in response to his, congratulating him on Plastic Free Home’s achievements.

“Now, more than ever, Sir David is an incredibly busy man,” Mr Lamont said.

“I never expected to receive one letter from him, let alone two.

“I had just hoped that he would have time to read my letter and to be reminded that there is a growing number of people who are ‘waking up’ and listening to his message, which he recently alluded to in a BBC Breakfast interview.

“Every single one of us has a key role to play and can make a big difference. By consuming and wasting far less, by carefully considering what we buy and where and how we shop, and by embracing and taking better care of nature.

“We can ‘vote with our feet’, when it comes to big brands or politics and demand and help to bring forward change.”

Visit www.facebook.com/plasticfreehomeuk to find out more.

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