Running track
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A is the Athlete in swift, spiky shoes.
B is the Baton. Don’t drop it ! You’ll lose.
C is the Coach, who gives vital advice.
D is the Diver, who somersaults twice.
É is the Épée that slices the air.
F is the Flame. Will it sizzle ? Or flare !
G is the Gymnast, who spins on the beam.
H is the Horse, leaping hurdle and stream.
I is the Ice Rink, where skaters skim round.
J is the Javelin, jabbing the ground.
K is the Kick-Off, when games are begun.
L is the Long Jump. (The sand-pit looks fun.)
M is the Medal that’s hip-hip-hoorayed.
N is the National Anthem. Well played !
O is the Outside. (A lane no one chooses.)
P is the Pole that the High-Jumper uses.
Q is the Quickest – a winner, no doubt.
R is the Ref, who must whistle and shout.
S is the Swimmer, as sleek as a seal.
T is the Triumph that Super-Stars feel.
U is the Uniform, worn with great pride.
V is the Velodrome, steep as a slide.
W’s the Weight-Lifter, watched with respect.
X is the eXcellence eXperts eXpect.
Y is the Yacht, with its sails salty white,
Z is the Zoom of the fireworks –

Good Night !

(An Épée is special sword used in Fencing.)

Clare Bevan.

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