‘Lorries driving over Wokingham’s potholes are keeping me awake at night!’

Tim Rollinson claims lorries thundering through busy Wellington Road shake nearby houses

A WOKINGHAM man is calling for action as he is losing sleep over potholes.

Tim Rollinson claims lorries thundering through busy Wellington Road shake nearby houses.
The retired 71-year-old says it an “unsatisfactory situation causing stress for local residents”. And he wants Wokingham Borough Council to carry out repairs, as the situation is getting worse.

Mr Rollinson is concerned about an 80-metre stretch of road towards the railway station, which he says creates “noise and severe vibration in surrounding properties”.

“It is particularly bad when large 10-wheel delivery vehicles speed down the road in the early hours of the morning.

“From 4.30am to 6am is the worst. Those trucks come through at 50 and 60 miles per hour and when they hit those potholes, my goodness do things happen.”

Mr Rollinson lives in Denton Road, but he stays at his daughter’s house in Wellington Road two days a week on “granddad duties”.

He told The Wokingham Paper: “This problem has been creeping up for two years, since they built Queen’s Gate [retirement homes]. They have been patching up the road ever since and the patches don’t work.

“There has been increased traffic in recent months – everything gets shuffled through Wellington Road – and that road, my poor daughter! The house jumps.”

A pothole yesterday

Mr Rollinson said one of his grandsons, 13-year-old William, sleeps at the front of the house and he is woken regularly by the noise. And the disturbance is so bad, last weekend his daughter Lorna Ledden was moving into his house while he was away on business, just to get “a decent night’s sleep”.

Mr Rollinson said he had reported the matter to the borough council via the Fix My Street website. He had received a message back, saying his request had been referred to the roads inspector, who would attend to the matter, but as of the end of last week nothing had been done.

Cllr Keith Baker, executive member for highways and transport at Wokingham Borough Council, said: “We’re restricted by what we can do on Wellington Road at the moment, because it’s the main diversion for the town centre improvements.

“We’ll continue with temporary repairs, to ensure the road is safe, until the diversion is taken off. Once it has, we’ll be able to do permanent repairs and look at any other concerns.”

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