PRESS PACK: Sport should be fun for all

Picture: annca from Pixabay

By Dylan, Foundry College

Sports should be fun for all.

Playing a game of football, a match of tennis or even swimming, all of these and many more can be a great way of getting into shape and having fun while doing it.

I remember a time, not too long ago, when I would go to the park every weekend after a long week at school and play football all day long with my friends. However, the days of children laughing and running around in warm summer days seem to be coming to an end.

Even adults can be victims of the disease of competition. The fun killing illness that turns a friendly game of football into a full-on rivalry. The virus that causes fights and disputes, the blood-sucking snake strangling the life out of sports.

Sports in this day are based on competition, most people believe there is no point in playing if there is no chance of them winning.

In fact, a recent study revealed that 80% of people would not play in a game of football if they believed they would not be able to win. While a little competition is good and healthy, some people take it too far.

It excludes people from the sport, it stops the people who need it the most from exercising from fears of being made fun of.

We wonder why 35% of adults are overweight and childhood obesity is becoming more and more prevalent every year when there are children and adults scared away from sports from fear of competition.

I believe that we must work as a nation to change this together, to change this epidemic of hatred and competition forever.

To be fair to most people, what is really expected to happen when all you can see from sports in the media is competition?

What has happened to sportsmanship, what has happened to honesty and a fair game?  The days have changed when players would help each over up after a fall and if it does happen the media pushes it to the side.

The few remaining players that respect the opposition need to be rewarded for setting a good example and keeping the morals of sport alive.

 It seems like every week, there is another sporting idol for kids that is busted from doping. This sort of exposure to cheating gives children a bad view or sports and tells them that they should do anything to win giving them horrible morals, leading to more cheating in future generations.

Competitiveness is at an all-time high and it must change before sport becomes reserved for only the elite athletes that are the best in their field.

Sport should be fun and a way to escape the monotonous and inactive lifestyle of most adults. Something must be done to protect the enjoyment of people all over the world and preserve sport forever.

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