READER’S POEM: Covid in a Nutshell

Wokingham COVID Testing
Wokingham COVID Testing

Covid still here
Lurking unseen,
Wish it would vanish,
Become a has-been.

Nothing to stop it
Spreading worldwide,
Millions infected,
Thousands died.

Instead it rampages,
Changes its spots,
Flies round the world
At a huge rate of knots.

It started in China,
Spread to UK,
Then it mutated,
Got worse by the day.

Kent had a variant
Followed by Brazil,
Who will be next
Taking us over the hill?

At last we have vaccines,
In fact two or three,
Will all these succeed?
Must wait and see.

Tis up to we humans
To follow the rules,
Stay in our houses,
Don’t act like mules!

© Lorna Minton

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