READERS’ POETRY: Here we go again

Picture: AnnaliseArt via Pixabay

The world’s a crazy place right now
Fighting an enemy you just can’t see
Working from home, missing family
A whole new reality

Queues for shops, shortages
Furlough, recession, debt
Freaky weather for the time of year
One minute warm and then so wet!

The fridge is my dearest friend
Followed by my phone and zoom
Finding ways to keep in touch
To rise above the gloom

NHS, clap on Thursday
Captain (Colonel) Tom Moore
Rainbows, no PPE,
Emotions heightened to the core

Holidays are cancelled
Only exercise once a day
Keep a two metre distance
At home you must all stay

Lockdown and isolation
Chocolate and alcohol downed
We must support each other
Until a vaccine can be found

Here we are again
Lockdown number three
Rates are rising, stay at home
Can’t see family!

Hospitals in crisis
Schools are closed again
Vaccines not rolling out fast enough
Can’t get on a plane!

We’ve all gained weight
Eat too much junk
Given up the exercise
Too much getting drunk!

The days are dark and dreary
The weather’s wet and cold
Home schooling, not enough laptops
Depression has a stranglehold

The economy’s a car crash
The prime minister is a fool
His hair is always a disaster
The source of ridicule

We must protect the NHS
Hands, face, space
Stay at home , save lives
Protect the human race

By T Hedgecox

We love receiving reader’s poetry. Email your submissions to letters@wokinghampaper.co.uk.

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