READERS’ POETRY: The Devious Virus

COVID-19 Rate

A year has now past and we are not in remission,
Instead we are stuck in an endless confusion.
The virus is mutating;  changing its position,
hich all of us think is a cruel imposition.

It’s causing our scientists to look at the efficacy
Of the vaccine they’ve made with amazing efficiency.
They’re testing with care, not acting recklessly
Being confident the vaccine will protect us endlessly.

The mutations develop in far distant parts,
Then fly round the world like proverbial darts,
They’re not at all welcome, these wretched upstarts,
Let’s send them all packing on bomb loaded carts!

Britain is ahead with the jabbing of arms,
We all submit willingly, whilst keeping quite calm,
We do not have worries and certainly no qualms,
As the needle is painless and works like a charm.

Some twelve million Brits so far are protected,
Though some turn their back; the vaccine rejected.
Yet the vaccine is free and each is selected
For this life-saving jab so they don’t get infected.

So how can we get them to save their own lives?
No good just shouting or brandishing knives,
They must be persuaded (both husbands and wives)
To do the right thing before performing “high fives”.

Only then can we risk a contented big smile,
And go out for lunch to a restaurant with style,
Or take a long coach trip for mile upon mile,
Whilst chatting to friends not seen for a while.

Now Boris has proclaimed another new rule
For people arriving by car, plane or mule!
They must go in quarantine for fourteen days full,
To a specified hotel ….and then pay the bill.

So our borders are now closed like never before,
Whenever folk land they will find a closed door,
They’ll be treated like enemies (as if in a war)
For none are now welcome, as that is the law.

Let’s just stay positive while these days remain dark,
It will help our morale and gives us a spark,
Which in turn helps others who are still apt to bark
That life in this crisis ain’t a walk in the park!

© Lorna Minton

We love receiving reader’s poetry. Email your submissions to letters@wokinghampaper.co.uk.

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