READERS’ POETRY: To know You Still Mattered

Picture: Frank Spencer from Pixabay

Sometimes you feel downhearted now you cannot do a lot.
In a busy world around you, you’re the one that time forgot.

Then the ‘phone’s sharp ring awakens you
To a world that needs you still.
A voice asks, “Could you baby-sit”.
You reply of course you will.
In a conversation on knitting that is lying there to see
She asks, “Oh, can you help me sort this out. I can’t. I’m that busy”.

A parent calling in from school asks, “Weren’t you an evacuee?
Well, we’ve got this new school project in History, you see,
That needs to have the story of a person just like you
With firsthand war experience from one who really knew
Of those years away from home and Mum. A story really true”.

This gets you busy writing of those wartime days long past
Which will always be with you as long as memory lasts.

So, with one thing and another, you days are once more filled
And to know you do really matter leaves you satisfied and thrilled.

Jim Horsnell

We love receiving reader’s poetry. Email your submissions to letters@wokinghampaper.co.uk.

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