READERS’ POETRY: Welcome New Year!

New year
Picture: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

This year has been dreadful

It feels like a curse

Brexit, pandemic –

Could it get much worse?

It’s been strange and hard

We’ve all had enough

Miss hugging our loved ones

Masks stifle, life’s tough

We feel so very glad

To wave the old year away

Let’s shake out our doormats

Welcome in New Year’s Day!

For a New Year is dawning

And beginnings bring hope

Better testing, vaccinations

Brexit deal gives some scope.

Yet I feel we need magic

To help things turn out well

Perhaps a sliver of stardust

For a kind, loving spell?

Well, I have a little recipe

A very simple notion

It comes from the heart

Needs no mixing nor potion –

Just sprinkle some kindness

Into our daily lives

Smile and nod to strangers

Be patient, limit strife.

Keep taking basic measures

To keep us safe and well

Practice care and compassion

And if you’re lonely, please tell…

Loss and hardships aren’t over

But there will be an end

Let’s plan for the future –

New Year’s greetings I send!

Tina Cathleen MacNaughton

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