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Residents gather in Wokingham town to protest proroguing of parliament

‘We must defend our democracy’, was the message behind the protest in Wokingham town centre this evening.

Organised by Wokingham Town Council’s Liberal Democrat councillor Anna Box in a personal capacity, she wanted the protest to be a cross-party demonstration against Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament later this Autumn.

Both Labour and independent representatives will be at the protest and making short speeches, but Cllr Box is still waiting to hear back from the Conservative and Green parties.

“We are the most divided we have ever been in recent history, post-war,” she explained. “As a culture, we are getting more and more divided, so it’s important to make the protest cross-party. It is not about red vs yellow vs blue – it’s about the country. 

Wokingham parliament protest
Protestors in Wokingham against the proroguing of parliament Picture: Charlotte Simpson for The Wokingham Paper

She explained that proroguing parliament has many implications for democracy. 

“If you don’t want those people to debate policy, and shut down parliament that equates dictatorship. It is immoral and a little bit suspect. It’s time we stood together and said we would like to have democracy back.”

For the full story and more pictures, don’t miss tomorrow’s Wokingham Paper.

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Peter Hornsby

“The writer uncritically reproduces the opinions of one side”: It’s an article about people protesting the undemocratic shutdown of parliament, so yes, that’s the content of the article. At a time of national crisis when Boris and his unelected friend Cummings are trying to force the country to crash out of the EU – with the damage this will do to the country as set out in Yellowhammer and other official documents – it’s good to see people who care about democracy.

“The EU doesn’t want the UK to have any kind of deal …”
A deal was agreed and voted on. Because it’s not as good as the deal we have now, it was rejected by our sovereign parliament. We know Farage and others are great at promising all sorts of things. They are even better at lying about the EU – Boris was fired from 2 journalism jobs for that (bendy bananas, anyone?). It’s the UK that voted to leave, though there was no one form of leave agreed before the dodgy referendum. Some promised a Norway-style deal (including Farage). We were going to remain in the single market according to others, but whatever the type of Brexit claimed, no deal was not an option. The extreme form of Brexit that the Tory party wants to impose on the country, with no democratic mandate, is the one that will do the most damage. In short – those wanting Brexit should have proposed a solution, not screamed about the injustice of the EU.

“Claiming to stop no deal is a smokescreen for stopping Brexit altogether”
Ideally yes, though the proposal is to put it to another referendum where people can make an informed choice now it’s clear that the Tories want us to crash out.


This article is a bit like some of the writing in the so called Independent. It is completely partisan in favour of Remain. The writer uncritically reproduces the opinions of one side without reference to those of the other. How about republishing the article and including a paragraph detailing the fact that the same MPs complaining about a parliamentary shutdown were preparing to go and have party conferences at pretty much the same time? That doesn’t seem to be mentioned anywhere. And let’s just remember a couple of things; 1) the EU doesn’t want the UK to have any kind of deal that makes it look good to leave, as seen by the last agreement being voted down three times in parliament by the same MPs who do nothing but complain about the government – they conveniently avoid blaming the other side that has waved two fingers up at them and 2) claiming to stop no deal is just a smokescreen for stopping brexit altogether for most of the MPs and those passionately campaigning on on the issue. One last comment; the man in that photograph holding up the poster using a sexual euphemism whilst standing next to children was deplorable, and the image shouldn’t have been reproduced on this website.

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