Resilience is the plan for Reading UK

Reading UK has launched an economic recovery plan to help people post-pandemic

AS THE coronavirus continues to impact the local economy, some are turning their attention towards the future.

Reading UK has launched its very own recovery and renewal strategy to help businesses get back on their feet post-pandemic.

After consulting with the local business community, the strategy ‘Powered by People’ aims to build a more inclusive and sustainable local economy.

And it has three main priorities:

  • Providing more employment, skills and training opportunities for local residents
  • Crafting a more resilient economy fit for the future
  • Making the area a great place to live, work, and visit

Adam Jacobs, business chair of Reading UK said: “As part of its longstanding mission boosting business and enhancing visitor perceptions, Reading UK has been at the forefront of economic development and promotion of Reading as a place.

“Our Reading 2050 Vision is our guiding light and while Government support is always welcome, we musn’t wait to start addressing the challenges we face locally.”

Reading UK has also launched the Recovery hub to explain the strategy’s priorities.

For more information, visit: web.livingreading.co.uk/recovery

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