Sangoma Tech: Helping local businesses work from home with the same tools as you’d use in the office

Sangoma Tech

WHAT IF working from home could be as seamless as life in the office?

Well now it can be, with a little bit of help from Sangoma.

The telecoms company, whose European Headquarters are based in Wokingham, has been working with local businesses for more than 20 years.

It operates in more than 150 countries across the globe and throughout lockdown, it has been working hard to help local businesses run more efficiently.

Sangoma offers a range of services to help companies unify their internal communications.

It does everything from revolutionising your work phone system to enhancing your customer’s experience.

Simon Horton
Simon Horton from Sangoma Tech

Simon Horton, VP sales, said with Sangoma’s help, people can unify their communications to increase productivity.

“With our products you can work anywhere, be it your spare room or your local coffee shop,” he said. “Enabling flexible remote working is what we’re about here at Sangoma.”

And it seems local businesses have been making the most of the company’s Switchvox Phone System during lockdown, which allows people to work from the office without being in the office.

Sangoma offers an on-premise or cloud-based phone system, from £8 per user per month, which allows employees to answer calls from home with ease by taking their office extension with them wherever they go.

It gives them power to control what hold music customers listen to, transfer phone calls, and access in queue callback features – and everything comes under one price.

“You name it, it’s included,” Mr Horton said. “Our system brings all communications together under one system.”

It also allows workers to manage internal communications, including conference calls and instant messaging with employees.

Sangoma Tech
The coronavirus pandemic has seen many of us adjust the way in which we work Picture: Sangoma Tech

And Shaan Sood, Sangoma’s European marketing manager, said the company’s phone system doesn’t only help employees run their communications more smoothly. It can also help business owners overcome issues caused by the pandemic, including increased costs.

“Working from home must be costing business owners a bomb in additional mobile charges,” she said. “But our customers actually save on telecoms charges.”

And alongside saving money, she said the Switchvox Phone System can also help customers have a positive interaction with your business.

“Customers get the identical experience speaking to me as they would do when I am sat in the office,” Ms Sood explained.

“They’re not going to notice any difference, but now I can receive calls wherever I like, including on my mobile, my headset and my house phone.”

But that’s not all. With Sangoma’s phone system, workers can also protect their personal information like never before.

“When lockdown first happened, employers sent their staff home with a laptop and phone and that was it,” Mr Horton said. “We know that we’ll never go back to what ‘normal’ was, so we want to help those businesses that don’t return to the office.”

Ms Sood added: “As an employee, this is the biggest benefit for me.

“By using my work extension on my personal mobile, the only people that can call me out of hours are my family and friends, and it gives me that separation from work and home.

“Sangoma is helping people locally to have that work-life balance.”

So, why not give Sangoma a try and boost your workplace productivity today?

Any businesses within 20 miles of the company’s Wokingham office are eligible for 20% off the company’s Switchvox Phone System.

To claim your discount, contact uksales@sangoma.com or call 01344 269220.

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