Sangoma Tech: Life/work balance – never give personal number, switch phone app off at 5.30

HAS WORKING from home thrown your office hours out of the window?

If so, fear not, because local tech company Sangoma can help you take back control.

The telecoms company, whose European Headquarters are based in Wokingham, has been assisting local businesses for more than 20 years and throughout the pandemic, has been helping employees stay secure while they work.

When the country went into lockdown in March 2020, Sangoma quickly realised that people were being told to work from home armed only with their laptop and personal mobile phone.

“When lockdown first happened, all the business owners and employers sent their staff home and said ‘get on with it’,” said Simon Horton, VP sales at Sangoma. “But people need to be able to control when they receive calls, IMs and everything else when they’re out of office.”

He said helping people work from home with ease is what Sangoma is all about.

And to make sure employees are not overworked or handing out personal details like mobile phone numbers, Sangoma’s Switchvox Phone System is here to help.

The telecoms company offers an on-premise or cloud-based phone system, from £8 per user per month, which allows employees to answer calls from home on their personal devices, including mobile phones, desktops and headsets.

When employers set up a Switchvox subscription, employees can access an app which allows them to take their office extension with them wherever they go.

Not only does it protect personal data because people can use their own mobile phone under their office number, it also lets employees take control of their work-life balance.

Shaan Sood, Sangoma’s European marketing manager

This is because the app can be turned off when your shift is up, meaning you can step away from work at the end of the day and have that all important down time.

“As an employee, the biggest benefit of our Switchvox Phone System is that when 5:30pm comes around, I can just switch off the app and no one is going to call me,” said Shaan Sood, Sangoma’s European marketing manager. “The only people that will call you after that time are your family and friends, and it gives you a real separation from work and home.

“All employees should have the ability to mask personal numbers.”

But that’s not all Sangoma’s phone system can do.

It also allows workers to manage internal communications, including conference calls and instant messaging with employees.

And it even gives people power to control what hold music customers listen to, transfer phone calls, and access in queue callback features – and everything is available, for every user, for the same low price.

“You name it, it’s included,” Mr Horton said. “Switchvox brings all communications together under one system.”

Looking to the future, he believes Sangoma’s services will be a valuable asset to all local business.

“What we’re seeing now is that we’re never going back to what ‘normal’ working was, because both staff and employers have realised they can be productive at home,” Mr Horton explained. “We’re super keen to help those businesses who don’t want to return to the office, and our Switchvox Phone System is the remedy to that.”

So, why not give Sangoma a try and master your own work-life balance today?

Any businesses within 20 miles of the company’s Wokingham office are eligible for 20% off the company’s Switchvox Phone System.

To claim your discount, contact uksales@sangoma.com or call 01344 269220.

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