School’s out … until who knows when?

Empty classroom
Classrooms are empty - but how long for?
Harry Bradley
Harry Bradley

Just like that, school is out.  Not for Easter or the Summer.  Just out … until who knows when. 

For lots of us, especially older students, three months away from school could be a good thing; a chance to catch up on areas of our courses that we didn’t understand first time around. 

And of course, we’re not really off school as we’ve still got a term of work to do so lots of new content to learn, virtually. 

Virtual school has become a reality and, while we’re all connected – with each other and our teachers via our computers, apps and phones – the time spent at home will be lonely.

School acts as a focus point for social activity every day, and the time away from that will have a large impact on our social lives. 

So it’s time to set some goals and self-motivation will play a big part. 

For me, I will try to use the time effectively.  Rereading and making notes on parts of my A Level Economics course that I’ve struggled with, reading books to work towards my English course, and working out via online gym classes, all from the comfort of my own home.

I may even learn Spanish, because yes, there’s an app for that! 

Teenagers get a hard time for the amount of time they spend online, on computers, gaming, chatting to friends.

I think our online life might just keep us sane, and educated over the next few months.  

Apps like Zoom and Skype have already become a great way for my family to keep in touch.

Most of my family are up north and at the weekend we hosted an online quiz, something that will no doubt be a tradition from now on, maybe even after the crisis. 

But right now, I’m in a household with dual home workers and dual school workers. 

My main fear isn’t so much the virus, it’s surviving for three months with my family and I all under the same room.

Wish me luck!

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