Shoppers queue up to save £200

WHAT would do you save money? Are you an avid bargain hunter who wants to go the extra mile to save some pennies?

New research suggests that shoppers would wait up to 65 minutes in a virtual queue if they knew it would save them £200.

And, in a year that’s been devoid of much fun, more than 24 million people are expected to take part in a hunt for the Black Friday bargains this year.

The shopping day will be on November 27, although some early sales are now appearing. The event is an American import and, in the States, comes after Thanksgiving, marking the start of the festive retail season.

Traditionally, stores offer big discounts on big ticket items, such as televisions and white goods.

Research by Uswitch.com, a comparison and switching service, reveals that three in 10 shoppers have their eye on a new iPhone – but 70% of them want a discount of 25% or more.

Buyers remorse is high on the list too: four in 10 say that they regret a previous Black Friday purchase, although just 14% would return them.

The closure of non-essential stores due to lockdown is set to drive shoppers online, meaning that virtual queues will be a feature of this year’s event. Of course, readers can support Wokingham borough businesses by using click and collect services.

Uswitch says that many people will take advantage of the fact they are working from home, with one in six (17%) saying they will wait in online queues during office hours.

A fifth of consumers (18%) will practice yoga or exercise at home while they sit in a virtual queue, while almost three in 10 people (29%) will play games on their phone, and 15% will laze in bed.

Catherine Hiley, Black Friday deals expert at Uswitch.com, said: “Black Friday is likely to feel more like Cyber Monday this year for millions of shoppers, most of whom will find themselves browsing for bargains online.

“The rush online raises the spectre of shoppers having to wait in virtual queues, and most consumers would be willing to spend more than an hour in line for a £200 discount.

“Shopping online gives you the chance to plan in advance. Ahead of the event, write a list of the items you want, and note the price so that you can judge any Black Friday discounts.

“If you spot something appealing on the day, stick to your budget so you don’t find yourself regretting a purchase.

“With online queues looking increasingly likely for 2020, use the time wisely and keep an eye on social media for any deals you may have missed. Stay alert, and don’t let your place in the queue be timed out.”

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