Sibly Hall developers told to finish landscaping site in Earley

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The area on the former Sibly Hall site, as it was in February.

A PROPERTY developer working on a site in Earley has been served a Breach of Condition Notice after local councillors claimed it had not properly completed work.

Persimmon Homes, which has developed the former Sibly Hall site, has been accused of failing to finish landscaping work on the site by local ward councillors.

However, the developer says it is ‘surprised’ to have received the notice, and is querying the details.

Ward councillors claim that the original planning permission for the development stipulated a requirement to plant trees and shrubs on the site, something they say has not been completed.

The Breach of Condition Notice also states that the developer failed to submit and get approval for a surface water drainage scheme for the site.

Hillside councillor Pauline Jorgensen has repeatedly raised the issue with Wokingham Borough Council’s planning committee and executive, who agreed that Persimmon had failed to ‘honour its Section 106 obligations in a timely fashion.’

Cllr Jorgensen said: “I am pleased that Persimmon are finally being brought to task for their work at the former Sibly Hall site.

“My local Conservative colleagues and I have repeatedly raised the issue of the quality of work on site, and have been concerned that the developer has not been completing the
landscaping that the Council required them to do.

“I want to thank residents who have also been passing on their own uneasiness about the site.

“Hopefully Persimmon will now do the reasonable thing and comply with the Notice issued by Wokingham Borough Council.”

A spokesperson for Persimmon Homes Thames Valley argued that the site had been laid out in accordance with the agreed planning permission, but said that the company would continue to complete any outstanding works.

The spokesperson said: “We acknowledge that a Breach of Condition Notice has been received from the Wokingham Borough Council, however this has been queried due to it not providing any matters of specific detail.

“The development has been laid out in accordance with the planning permission. As part of this permission any failed planting, including trees, is to be replaced during a five-year period.

“The indication of a matter relating to the storm water drainage scheme has only just been raised, and is therefore being reviewed and specific details have been requested. Details of the whole drainage scheme were both submitted and approved previously by the council, and the only known amendment is an alteration agreed with Thames Water, the adopting authority for this element.

“In addition, this company has both been in communication and held meetings with representatives of the council to review progress made and the receipt of the notice at this stage is somewhat surprising. However we can confirm that we will continue to complete any outstanding works in accordance with the approved scheme.”

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