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Siren Craft Brew's new Twin Flames

You may have seen that a few weeks ago we released Hard Pour Broken Dream, a Nitro version of our 6.5%  flagship Breakfast Stout and former Supreme Champion Beer of Britain, Broken Dream.

Well, we haven’t stopped there, and a new Nitro offering is out this week.

Introducing TWIN FLAMES

 Until last year, we had a Red IPA sitting in our flagship range, Liquid Mistress.

With evolving styles and ever-changing  industry trends the decision was made to retire the beer. However, Red IPAs have always remained a firm favourite here at Siren. In fact, it was a Red IPA that inspired our founder, Darron, to start a brewery – BrewDog’s 5AM Saint.

If  you missed our article from a few weeks back, Nitro beers replace the majority of the Carbon Dioxide with Nitrogen. Nitrogen is largely insoluble in liquids, so the beer takes on a really creamy character that’s very smooth to drink.

Red  IPA combines an intriguing and complex malt bill with fruit forward hops. The result is a beer ranging between deep maroon and vibrant bright red that offers the drinker a captivating malt base, often with notes of burnt raisins and biscuit, finished with  the fruity tropical hops.

Recently,  we’ve been falling back in love with Red IPAs, with Here’s Johnny last year, Big Red Machine  and an imperial version brewed with Vibrant Forest, Grand  Designs.

Each interaction has proved popular, with demand for more.

What better beer to experiment with Nitro with then?!

For Twin Flames we’re releasing two versions simultaneously. We’re canning two versions of the same beer – Classic, and Nitro.

The classic version has the same treatment that any of our beers would – force carbonated and canned as normal. The Nitro version has the nitro treatment, and should be ‘hard poured’ – essentially, just turn it upside down and let the whole thing pour hard into the glass. It will settle with a beautiful creamy head.

Although they’re the same base beer, each version should bring its own characteristics to the table, and we can’t wait to see which people prefer.

Both Twin Flames Nitro and Twin Flames Classic will be available on the Siren webshop and Tap Yard from Friday.

The Tap Yard is now open for take away pints from Wednesday to Saturday, noon to 8pm.

Our table bookings are still available on Saturday ( but now you can grab a pint in a plastic cup and sit on the grass.

We suggest bringing blankets / camping chairs!

Cheers all! Have a great week, and stay safe.

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