Spider-man washes away the cobwebs as he cleans the windows

CSW Window Cleaning offers a Spider-man service so youngsters have something to look forward to during lockdown Picture: Karen Giles

A FAMILIAR face has been spotted on the streets of Shinfield, bringing joy to children in the borough and beyond.

Chris Smalley-Ward, owner of CSW Window Cleaning, has donned a new uniform in a bid to brighten up his customers’ lockdown.

For the past three weeks, he has been heading out on jobs dressed as Spider-Man.

“I’m a massive Marvel fan,” Mr Smalley-Ward said. “Four or five years ago, my sister-in-law asked me if I would dress up as him for my niece’s fifth birthday party and that was the last time the costume came out.

“My wife then suggested I dress up when cleaning people’s windows and the idea just blew up.”

The cleaner said while some children take a bit of time to warm up to him, seeing Spider-Man definitely cheers them up.

CSW Window Cleaners
Picture: Robert Sadler-Brocklehurst

“I thought dressing up could give homeschoolers a bit of a break,” he continued. “I think a lot of parents just want their kids to have a bit of excitement.”

And it seems the costume doesn’t just entertain the youngsters.

“I think some parents enjoy it as much as their children do because they get to go away for half-an-hour and have a coffee and a sit down,” Mr Smalley-Ward added.

The cleaner has since received a lot of positive reviews which he said have made it all worthwhile.

One customer said: “Not only are our windows sparkly clean now, the show put on for the kids was a massive highlight and something to brighten our day during lockdown.”

Looking forward, Mr Smalley-Ward said Spider-Man will continue to grace the streets of Wokingham for the foreseeable future, so it seems the borough will be in safe hands for a little while longer.

CSW Window Cleaners
CSW Window Cleaners in action Picture: Emily

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