Stop press: It was the sweetest juice we had ever tried

ON 17th September it was Apple Day at Floreat Montague Park Primary School.

We did loads of fun activities such as apple tasting, apple drawing, walking to the orchard and making apple juice. We even wore apple colours to school.

Oh what a wonderful day it was!

One of the best activities of the day was apple tasting.

We visited the apple barn and sat on prickly hay bales.

We tried lots of different apples, they were delicious!

The school’s favourite apple was the Pink Lady variety.

We wanted to find out more about where apples come from, so we walked to the orchard.

On the orchard walk we saw our headteacher, Mr Pritchett.

He explained how to pull an apple off the tree without pulling the buds so that they can grow again next year.

One tree had bitter apples and another was sweet and juicy.

We were lucky to have special visitors who brought an apple press to our school.

It was hard work but they turned the lever to press the apples into juice.

The juice was the sweetest we had ever tasted, even better than juice from the shops.

It was the best day ever!

By Evangeline, Alex, Josh, Jessica and Frankie

Floreat Montague Park Primary School

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