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TONY JOHNSON: Democracy going digital – a reflection on the general election 2019

Tony Johnson
This week’s commentary takes a mixed look at the General Election, the campaigns, results and reasons – particularly in the light of the ‘surprise result’....
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VOTE 2019: Sir John Redwood's majority slashed following Lib Dem challenge

Phil Creighton
RESIDENTS in Wokingham parliamentary constituency has decided to re-elect Sir John Redwood as MP but with a greatly reduced majority. In the 2017 general election,...
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VOTE 2019: Newcomer James Sunderland holds Bracknell for Conservatives

Phil Creighton
BRACKNELL has remained a Conservative seat after newcomer James Sunderland won the seat in the general election.  His 31,894 votes meant that he comfortably beat...
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VOTE 2019: Brexit: Unprecedented anger, divisiveness, polarisation and rage across Britain

Staff Writer
The 12 December general election will be the most crucial election, not only in our lifetimes but also in the history of the United Kingdom....
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VOTE 2019: Battersea and Leeds voters receive letter from 'Philip' Lee

Phil Creighton
RESIDENTS in Battersea and Leeds have been receiving a bolt from the blue: a letter from Wokingham parliamentary candidate Dr Phillip Lee. In one version...
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TONY JOHNSON: How much do the manifestos REALLY add up to?

Tony Johnson
With claims, counter-claims, analysis and fake news all competing to describe what the parties are actually proposing, the electorate’s reaction to manifestos and their costs...
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VOTE 2019: Sir John Redwood: ‘I feel I give a good service and it will be judged in the ballot box’

Phil Creighton
“I’M NOT merely a full-time MP, I regard it as way of life not just as job,” said Conservative candidate Sir John Redwood....