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WOKINGHAM LOVES MUSIC: Listen in to our 20 top picks for 2020

Phil Creighton
EACH week, we present a top 10 of tracks, each with a connection to borough. It’s the Wokingham Loves Music list curated by Chris Hillman...
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WOKINGHAM LOVES MUSIC: Relive the Wokingham Festival with our top 10 tracks

Chris Hillman
IT WAS a dry, but chilly bank holiday weekend, and all the worse for us missing Wokingham Festival due to the coronavirus. An online event...
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WOKINGHAM’S TOP 10: Music that you would have enjoyed had Wokingham Festival taken place

Chris Hillman
THERE’S no two ways about it, this weekend we’ll be missing the Wokingham Festival. But never fear, Chris Hillman from White Star Records has some tracks...
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WOKINGHAM’S TOP 10: Make up for the lack of a festival with our FREE tracklist

Chris Hillman
MUSIC is the sound of summer, especially with festivals. In normal times, we’d be getting really excited about the August Bank Holiday and the Wokingham...
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WOKINGHAM’S TOP 10: Music to watch the Festival go by …

Chris Hillman
IN A normal year, we’d be getting excited about Wokingham Festival, but, you know, that virus … Never mind – Chris Hillman from White Star Records...
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WOKINGHAM’S TOP 10: Perfect listening for a summer’s day

Chris Hillman
ANOTHER week and another selection of great tracks for you to enjoy listening to on a summer’s day, all compiled by Chris Hillman from White...