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VOTE 2019: Battersea and Leeds voters receive letter from 'Philip' Lee

Phil Creighton
RESIDENTS in Battersea and Leeds have been receiving a bolt from the blue: a letter from Wokingham parliamentary candidate Dr Phillip Lee. In one version...
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VOTE 2019: Alastair Campbell teams up with football commentator Clive Tyldesley to guest on Dr Phillip Lee’s podcast … recorded in an Earley pub

Phil Creighton
IT’S the most unusual recording studio yet. An Earley pub was pressed into action for the recording of a new podcast. On Thursday, November 28,...
Featured General Election 2019 Politics Wokingham

VOTE 2019: Wokingham shoppers back Remain in straw poll aimed at raising awareness of tactical voting

Phil Creighton
WOKINGHAM shoppers once again confirmed their commitment to staying in Europe according to a new straw poll conducted on Saturday.  Members of Wokingham For Europe...
Featured General Election 2019 Politics Wokingham

VOTE 2019: Sir John Redwood responds to Wokingham opinion poll

Phil Creighton
Sir John Redwood has responded to a new opinion poll showing that Dr Phillip Lee could be running him close in the forthcoming General Election...
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Wokingham has a new Liberal Democrat candidate ahead of general election concerns

Jess Warren
Bracknell MP Dr Phillip Lee was unveiled as the new Liberal Democrat candidate for Wokingham at a special conference today....
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Why does Wokingham borough have four MPs (including former Prime Minister Theresa May)?

Phil Creighton
Wokingham parliamentary constituency might share its name with Wokingham borough unitary authority and Wokingham town, but all three are completely different. It’s easy to confuse...
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Wokingham’s clash of the political titans as Sir John Redwood takes on Dr Phillip Lee

Phil Creighton
IT WILL be a clash of the political titans at the General Election after Dr Phillip Lee announced that he was due to contest the...
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Wokingham town centre protest planned over suspension of Parliament

Phil Creighton
PROTESTS over the decision by the new Prime Minister to suspend parliament will be held in Wokingham on Wednesday evening.  The cross-party event will take...
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MP impressed with ideas and approaches of Wokingham’s top cops

John Wakefield
Bracknell MP Dr Phillip Lee met the long arm of the law last month, but it was all for the right reasons. The MP, whose...