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WOKINGHAM LOVES MUSIC: Listen to these bands – a top 10 of tunes, all with a Wokingham flavour

Chris Hillman
IT’S GREAT to see so many local artists have been making the most of lockdown. This week’s chart features a returning act in the shape...
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WOKINGHAM’S TOP 10: Music that you would have enjoyed had Wokingham Festival taken place

Chris Hillman
THERE’S no two ways about it, this weekend we’ll be missing the Wokingham Festival. But never fear, Chris Hillman from White Star Records has some tracks...

WOKINGHAM LOVES MUSIC: 12 tracks to enjoy in our free Spotify playlist

Staff Writer
WHO WANTS more than 10 records? We know from feedback that you’re loving our new hit parade, so this week there’s 12 tunes to spin...
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WOKINGHAM LOVES MUSIC: What’s on our jukebox this week?

Staff Writer
WE’RE back again with another round-up of music to enjoy with our special and unique top 10, and it’s all compiled by Chris Hillman from...
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Tune in to Wokingham’s sound of the summer with our Top 10 tunes

Staff Writer
IT’S TIME to crank up the jukebox, thanks to our top 10, and it’s all compiled by Chris Hillman from White Star Records. The Wokingham...
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Get listening to Wokingham’s blossoming music scene with Wokingham Loves Music

Staff Writer
WE’RE back with another collection of diverse music for you to enjoy – it’s all compiled by Chris Hillman from White Star Records. It’s your...
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Get listening to Wokingham’s latest musical countdown

Staff Writer
SUMMERTIME and the listening is easy.  Here is our latest Top Ten of Wokingham-borough influenced music, curated by Chris Hillman from White Star Records. Each...
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Wokingham Loves Music: Ten tracks to enjoy

Staff Writer
EVERYONE enjoys listening to music, so we’re delighted to introduce a great new playlist for you to tune in to. Curated by Chris Hillman from...