Therapies on Thames helps elderly gain more independence thanks to its rehabilitation service

Therapies on Thames

IN A BID to help Wokingham’s elderly gain more independence, this former-Royal Berkshire Hospital (RBH) worker created an entire support network from scratch.

Therapies on Thames is a rehabilitation service which was founded in 2012.

Raj Senniappan, co-founder and lead occupational therapist at the organisation, said he was inspired to launch the company after realising the impact specialist care can have on eldery people.

“In 2012, I treated this lady in care who was being hoisted around but could actually walk,” he explained.

“I worked with the care home, trained the staff and this lady continued to walk for a year before passing away.

“This made me realise that a lot of elderly people could benefit from ongoing rehab outside of the NHS and social care, so I launched Therapies on Thames.”

Mr Senniappan worked as an occupational therapist at RBH for a decade before branching out to create his own company.

Therapies on Thames offers a range of services to the borough’s elderly population – the co-founder calls it a “one stop shop”.

From home care therapy visits to daycare centres, the rehabilitation service aims to give the elderly more independence.

In Wokingham, the company has been collaborating with WADE since 2019 and uses some of the centre’s previously empty rooms as clinics to offer targeted help.

And in Twyford, Therapies on Thames has partnered with Bridge House to support people after surgeries and illnesses, and accidents.

Mr Senniappan said working for the service has proved extremely rewarding over the past nine years.

“By helping people privately, we can help reduce the workload on the NHS and social care,” he said.

And he believes the company’s work has innumerable benefits for Wokingham’s elderly population too.

“Even if we can make a difference for 10 elderly people, we’ve achieved what we set out too,” Mr Senniappan added.

“We want to enable people to be independent and safe, and live in their own home for as long as possible.”

While the coronavirus pandemic carries on, he said Therapies on Thames has received more referrals than ever to alleviate pressure on the NHS.

To find out more about Wokingham.Today’s newest columnist, visit: therapiesonthames.co.uk

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