Therapies on Thames: Physiotherapy company engages with local community

At Therapies on Thames it is very important to let people know about what services are provided and how potential patients can be assisted. Each month Therapies on Thames reaches out to the local community in a variety of ways to ensure that as many people as possible get to hear about their work. 

This month was very exciting as Therapies on Thames had the opportunity to be guests with Gerard Rocks at Royal Berkshire Hospital radio. Gerard does a radio programme called “Take 5”, where he interviews various local people and play 5 of their favourite songs in the programme. Raj and Tanya both went along to record the show, and it was fantastic for them to be able to share with Gerard what Therapies on Thames does, and particularly how a service such as this can really benefit those who are currently in hospital and might be medically fir to be discharged but not necessarily physically fit.

Raj and Tanya talked about how many of the patients that they work with may have had a lengthy hospital stay and need to undergo some intense physiotherapy to regain muscle strength and independence before returning home.

Another exciting event for Therapies on Thames this month was the WADE summer fair. This is an annual event, which due to COVID was unable to run last year. Therapies on Thames work very closely with WADE and its members and see it as an invaluable part of the local elderly community. The fair which took place on Saturday 3rd July was a great way to speak to lots of people and tell them about what Therapies on Thames does.

The interview with Gerard at Royal Berkshire Hospital radio will next be airing on Tuesday 20th at 1pm so please do have a listen.

If you think that Therapies on Thames can help yourself or a loved one, then please do give us a call and speak to one of the team on 0118 907 6345.

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