University of Reading hosts national climate summit

University of Reading

PUTTING climate change on the curriculum could empower young people, the University of Reading has revealed.

The news comes following its Climate Education Summit on Wednesday, September 15, which was hosted in the House of Lords.

The event brought young people, scientists and policy makers together to develop an action plan to improve climate education in schools.

Discussions argued teaching children about environmental action could help them recognise “green washing” practices.

The summit was held in partnership with a group of organisations, including the Met Office, Royal Meteorological Society and environmental charity Ashden.

In a statement, the University said: “The organises argue the UK will struggle to take action on climate change unless more effort is made to help the next generation understand the issue and feel empowered to respond.

“Climate change is currently only mentioned a handful of times on the national curriculum, and does not feature in any subjects except science and geography.”

At the event, Baroness Brown, chair of a sub-committee on climate change, said changing the curriculum will help people identify “genuine sustainability”.

“Future generations will live in a world where the impacts of climate change are more obvious than they are today, and where sustainability needs to be visible everywhere they look,” she said.

“A society that is incapable of spotting empty gestures and half measures when they are presented will be unable to hold businesses and authorities to account and encourage them to do the right thing.”

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